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The stories that we tell are the only differentiator we have left

Robert Rose (Chief Strategist Of The Content Marketing Institute)

If we are going to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, businesses must get better at telling stories to build their audience. Come to the ‘Once Upon A Time’ half day event on Wednesday 9th September in Bournemouth and learn from well known brands who are telling theirs.


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There are an estimated 4.9 million businesses in the UK (Federation Of Small Businesses). We are all fighting to be heard.
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There were 581,173 new businesses started in 2014, beating 526,446 in 2013 (National Enterprise Campaign). Many all sound and look the same.
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Compulsory liquidations in England and Wales increased 53.1% during first quarter of 2014, compared with previous quarter (Insolvency Service).
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Lets learn from those brands who have their roots in Dorset but have built an audience on a wider scale. So far, we have learnt from LV=, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Olives Et Al, Dorset Cereals, Oppo Ice Cream, Farrow & Ball, Fitness First, Bird & Wild, RNLI, B&Q, Elliot Brown Watches, Ted Baker, Piddle Brewery, River Cottage and Saltrock.

On Wednesday September 9th lets get to know some more brands a bit better.

Businesses need to embrace content and stories as the cornerstone of their marketing. This is not about a campaign mindset anymore, but one where there is a commitment to aggregating an audience to make profitable action.

We’re taking out the Powerpoint presentations, the selling and having a conversation, face-to-face to hear their stories.

Companies are now occupying spaces and channels to connect with prospects and drive profitable action, what story are you telling that’s different from the rest? Here’s your chance to learn and apply to your business.

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Dialogue is the media partner for Once Upon A Time. An insightful quarterly publication for business leaders and managers, including top level thinking from global CEOs and thought leaders. Don't forget to pick up your copy at the event.

 Mark Masters
Mark Masters

Mark is owner of The ID Group and helps companies have a voice, stand for something and build an audience. This is by helping businesses create, curate and publish their own information and not market like it's 2004. The ID Group is a content marketing consultancy in Poole.

 Matt Desmier
Matt Desmier

Matt is the brainchild of Silicon Beach. Every September Matt brings leading thinkers to Bournemouth to showcase the challenges and opportunities for doing business in the mid part of this decade. Read more about Silicon Beach, here.

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